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Graduation from Email marketing to Video Email Marketing Automation.

vidCampaign is a new age video email marketing platform for effective customer communication and sales enablement.

vidCampaign allows businesses to reach their customers in a whole new engaging way.


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Marketing Solutions from VidCampaign

Behavioral Marketing

Do you know how your customers behave with a video, text ,or picture. Here is an opportunity to understand what’s your customer likes and dislikes.

Social Media Marketing

How engaged are your customers in social media and how viral your content is spreading across social media?

Targeted Campaigns

The tools used are innovative and updated for enhancing the product features while creating and improvising our client's products.

Predictive Marketing

Based on the historical information of your campaigns, our marketing intelligence system assists you in taking statistical.

Drip Marketing

Our accurate analytics will help you follow up with your customers based on what information they accessed in your campaign.

Video Surveys

How about a video based survey to really enable a two-way communication with your customers?

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