ERP Deployment

Let the full scale ERP helps you scale & grow your business. Get to know the various business areas in finger tips.

Enterprise Resource Planning

One of the most talked terminology of the century – ERP. Enterprise resource planning it is. Right from your stores to your quality to your documentation we have deployed solutions in stages and phases that will bring your whole team under the same umbrella.

We have developed and deployed custom ERP using BRD models. We also have hand-on with open-source ERP applications including OODO, ERPNext.

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Our streamlined process breaks the deployment in stages including pre-development, development and post development where various activities gets planned.

Pre development

In pre-development, our functional consultants interact with your team leads in various domains to understand how your functional systems operate and document the same. This will include the process mapping module and developing a business process documentation.


In the development stage the team develops various models documented in the previous stage.

  • Software application to track from the sourcing to production to delivery of the product
  • Employee accounts based on the level of access needed
  • Daily, Weekly & Monthly Reports
  • Training of staffs to start using the ERP

Modules usually covered in the development & deployment

A comprehensive working solution that will provide the following modules for various departments.

  • CRM - Win and retain more customers by optimizing the sales process. Track leads, opportunities, and send the quotes on the go.
  • Stores
  • Quality
  • Documentation with version control
  • Distributor management
  • BOM - A bill of material is at the heart of any cloud manufacturing software, and a well-defined BOM ensures robustness and accuracy. Our BOM is hierarchical, with the finished product at the top. It also includes product codes, part descriptions, quantities, costs and additional specifications.
  • Shop floor management - With job cards, operations and workstations features, you can automatically capture daily activities on your shop floor. View real-time status of the job work being done to manufacture products, the location of every workstation, employee assignments, and each work order's current status and pending steps — all in one screen.
  • Sub-contracting - Does your business involve outsourcing processes to a supplier? Check out the subcontracting feature in this solution. It makes it easy to supply raw materials and track suppliers' labour and operations. Finished goods are valued based on the cost of raw materials and procured services.
  • Sourcing/Purchase with vendor rating & history provisions - Increase productivity and lower costs by managing your sales and purchase cycles, from purchase to sales orders
  • Material Resource Planning - Be it a work order against sales or material requests, will show every aspect of your MRP. Track material consumption of serialized or batched inventory to curb expenses and achieve zero wasted resources.

Post development

Once the development is done and the sign-off is in place, we start the documentation and training of the staffs in the various departments.

Once the training is over, the staffs gets to use the deployed ERP and a staff member from VenPep shall hand-hold the stakeholders to achieve success.

This will be an iterative process to accommodate the post development change requests.

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Some Advantages of having the ERP in place

Measuring Stock keeping 24X7
Determining the cost of the products built
Remove unwanted loopholes and pressure off the system
Save unwanted inventory cost
Sourcing and quality will be controlled
Increase sales and account sales team for the revenue
Control vendors & suppliers
Ease of accounting & invoicing system
Product wise component tracking
Managing the supply vs demand

Implementation timeline

Based on the previous experience where our customers are using the entire ERP suite takes about 12 to 8 months to finish all 3 stages

Ready to take the first step towards digital transformation?

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Our Portfolio

Some of the ERP deployments for various customers from different domains including service industry, real-estate, manufacturing customers.


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