Mobile App Development

Control the world in your finger tips. Let us help you build a robust mobile application.

Mobile App Development

So, which is the most used mobile app in the market? Facebook? YouTube?

How about we build an app for your business? Or make a mobile app that will become your business?

We remember our customers asking how much does a mobile app cost? I want to build one. You know how a consultant answer to that? “It Depends”

  • Native Application
  • Hybrid Application
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mobile app development

We can help you build a mobile app in one of the below formats

Native App(iOS & Android)

A mobile app we build separately for Android users and separately for iPhone users. And yes, they both have world away different technologies.

We have experienced, professional and friendly team-mates, who can program in Swift, Java, and rocket science technologies to build your mobile app.

Hybrid App(iOS & Android combined)

An app just like amazon prime? Low cost, super profitable types!

Same app for both Android and iPhone users.

But certainly, this has some limitations, but yeah why worry when we can hand hold you for a super product.

Product Design
Product Design

The first steps of an app development start from a product design. The outcomes and expectations are documented in this stage.

Product Design
User Experience Design

Based on the expectations, our UI/UX team will start designing the screens that are friendly and enjoyable for your end consumers.

Product Design

Adding to the UI/UX design, our team will script the screens referring to your brand guidelines - be it for color, logo pattern, fonts, placements, etc.

Product Design

Our team shall provide choice of screen illustrations before the development and draft the document for development.

Product Design
Research & Development

Based on the illustrations, the team will recommend the best practices and define the DevOps for the development cycle.

Product Design

A native android application begins with setting up the technologies and tools. We shall deploy a dev environment and set up the roadmap based on sprints.

Product Design

A native iOS app requires setup of the tools, technologies and frameworks to compute the screen illustrations to reality.

Product Design

A hybrid app framework we practice to produce faster less complicated applications in both android & iOS together.

Product Design
User Testing

Stage gate process under sprints to conduct user testing and take user acceptance.

Our Portfolio

Some of the Apps we have in live Android play store and iOS App store. Navigate to download the apps and experience the modules first hand.

Goblax Mobile

Genre: Mobile | Industry: Warranty Organizer | Location: India | Technology: Android, iOS

Moto Technician Mobile

Genre: Mobile | Industry: Bike Study | Location: India | Technology: Android

Mozza Mobile

Genre: Website | Industry: Food | Location: Australia | Technology: Android, iOS

Agni Mobile

Genre: Mobile | Industry: Educational | Location: India | Technology: Android, iOS

Alumni Associations Mobile

Genre: Mobile | Industry: Educational | Location: India | Technology: Android, iOS

Board Vision Mobile

Genre: Mobile | Industry: Saas | Location: Singapore | Technology: Android, iOS

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