Technology Stack

The technology stack and the architecture plays a crucial role in your successful transformation.

Smart Selection of technologies & long-term roadmaps

Process that guarantees high productivity and profitability for your transformation solution.

Let's Start Project
Understanding your requirements

Before the technology stack selection, let us first hear your understanding and develop a roadmap for the transformation outcome.

Technology Selection

From the plethora of technology expertise, the architecture team shall propose a long term solution for the deployment of the solution based on the versioning and avoiding end-of-life support technologies.

Calculative Decisions

The technology roadmap shall be proposed keeping the cost in mind and that includes both the deployment cost, maintenance cost and running expenses including the size, optimization, bandwidth utilization requirements, etc.,

Front-End Technologies

The developer “Stack” that supports different languages and libraries that are understood by the web browsers.

Back-End Technologies

The technologies that help the programmer compute and communicate for validated outputs.


The storage area where all the data collected shall be stored, retrieved and reused for outcomes.


The tools we use to shorten the system development life cycle and provide continuous delivery with project management frameworks we adopt.

Mobile App

The tools we use to develop your favourite mobile apps.


The software programs to be hosted in a secure environment for your end consumers to have a seamless experience while accessing and consuming your content.


The User interface for the website, web app or mobile app needs to be designed keeping in mind your stakeholders and buyer persona. The tools help us get that experience before the development stage itself.

Integrations for communication

The loop closes with communication back to your consumer who enquires for tour favorite product. The same info shall be stored in your automation platforms.


The additional tools you’d require to make your website more friendly. Be it your chatbot or listings to get ready for your SEO or your business listings in google.

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