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Website Development

In this new era of business, the validity of business is verified by how good and communicative your website is..

Websites are of various natures :
  • Static website
  • Dynamic website
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E-Commerce Solutions

  • 01

    I’m planning to expand my trade through my website.

  • 02

    Here we go, with an easy to use ready-to-deploy eCommerce product.

  • 03

    So, provide me a super duper eCommerce website with provisions to upload products and related content in ease, change pricing, integrate with a payment gateway and also fancy dashboard to see how I am doing with my sales vs product chart.

  • 04

    When we say ready-to-consume we meant it.

  • 05

    How about we take your innovative 100+ products live in 15 days?

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User Friendly, Easy to Use

Mobile App Development

So, which is the most used mobile app in the market? Facebook? YouTube? How about we build an app for your business? Or make a mobile app that will become your business?

We remember our customers asking how much does a mobile app cost? I want to build one. You know how a consultant answer to that? “It Depends”

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UI/UX development

The next question is: Do you have people to help us develop a super simple yet effective UI/UX?

  • 01 Technical analysis
  • 02 Planning and Idea
  • 03 Design and Copywriting
  • 04 Front & Backend Coding
  • 05 Quality Assurance
  • 06 Testing and Launch
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CRM deployment

A team full of consultants who were in sales, what can you expect when it comes to offering solutions to our customers. We understand what your sales team will use.

Our team has developed and deployed custom-built CRM’s as well as ready-made CRM’s for various industries. The team has hands-on experience deploying open-source CRM’s including Sugar-CRM, vTiger, HubSpot, and paid SAAS based CRM’s for various application needs. We also have built custom made CRM that suits complicated business processes.

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ERP Deployment

One of the most talked terminology of the century – ERP. Enterprise resource planning it is. Right from your stores to your quality to your documentation we have deployed solutions in stages and phases that will bring your whole team under the same umbrella.

We have developed and deployed custom ERP using BRD models. We also have hands-on with open-source ERP applications including OODO, ERPNext.

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Speed up you website

Search Engine Optimization

We like to look at SEO as a science and not as an art. Understanding Google or any other search engine (probably we’ll think about another search engine, okay let’s say Bing for reference). Ok wait a minute, what is understanding Google?

Some of our customers has seen their websites in first page in 2 days (yeah you guessed it right, that’s about some easy fixes). For some of the others it took time, its organic you know.

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Rated 4.6 out of 5 based on over 250+ reviews
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